Author, Anti-Corruption Activist and Politician – Dilip Pandey – Born and brought up in Zamania, a small tehsil of Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, is the Convenor of the Delhi Unit of Aam Aadmi Party and the National Spokesperson of the party.

From a very young age, he had started writing for the local newspapers and magazines and had been actively participating in social movements across his town. He always thought and fought over social issues, worked closely on the matters which could potentially bring up the quality of life, during his student life.

He believed that ‘History curses those who chose to remain silent’.

Working as an IT expert in Hong Kong, he was in active touch with the India Against Corruption movement led by Anna Hazare and worked dedicatedly to acquaint people with the Jan Lokpal movement going on in India. During the same time he came in contact with Arvind Kejriwal. His life changed when he deeply felt the urge to be the part of historic political agitation. His passion to work for his country brought him back to India, leaving everything from job to his professional life back in Hong Kong. It was indeed a difficult decision to quit everything but was important for the revolution brewing up in India. Participating actively in the anti corruption movement, this revolution has been very close to his heart.

He has cited his social and political experiences in his book ‘Dahleez Par Dil’.

His second book, Khulti Girahein has five different and strong female characters who are the brilliant epitomes of courage and self confidence. A book that talks in the language of ‘Solution-ism’, Khulti Girahein is not just the story of Five characters, but a story that you might relate to when you broke the chains and set yourself free.


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